Top 5 Things to Do When in Lewis County

Lewis County in Washington is an amazing area that has a rich history and several natural attractions. Nowadays, it’s hard to have fun in your local community with friends and neighbors. Lewis county residents know how to enjoy their local community. They participate in their parades and festivals in the summer to take full advantage of the sunshine and head to the slopes when winter arrives. There is a lot that someone can do in Lewis County. The following are the top 5 things that you can do in Lewis County.

Go shopping at a farmers market
Shopping at a farmers market has several benefits. It gives a chance to meet the local community and support them. You can also buy locally grown goods. While in Lewis, you can sample out the various tasty foods the county has to offer. There are various summer markets that you can visit while in Lewis County. They include Centralia, Chehalis, Mossyrock, among others.

See a parade
Lewis County has multiple parades throughout the year. You will see beautiful floats and vintage cars during these parades. Central Tractor Parade and Chehalis Santa Parade are most popular parades in Lewis County

Jump on a steam train
Chehalis-Centralia Raid passes through scenic landscapes in the upper Chehalis River Valley. Take a ride on a 1910 vintage train while enjoying a leisurely dinner. You can also participate in different events such as The Murder Mystery Dinner Train.

Visit Museums
Lewis County has several museums that offer unique exhibits. Visit the Veterans Museum, Lewis County Historical Museum, King Agriculture Museum, The Vintage Motorcycle Museum among others.

Experience Art
Lewis counties got you covered if you love art. You can take art lessons in different parts of the county or even visit different studios. You can mingle with local artists in their studios.